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Our natural oil systems are being fitted to all types of public transport ensuring that both short and long-haul passengers have a more pleasant and enjoyable experience. The use of Signature’s systems on trains, buses and coaches as well as private hire taxis and minibuses provide not only a better ambiance for the occupants but a safe and cost-effective way to eliminate malodours.

We have systems which are ideally suited to public transport and are specifically designed for areas on trains and buses where vandalism can be a problem.

Car hire and vehicle showrooms can enhance customer experience and increase customer satisfaction through the use of individual vehicle units and heavy-duty equipment to clear vehicles of unwanted odours.




GEMINI Trains, buses, coaches – short or long distance


Approved for use on carriages, washrooms

and rolling stock.


Public transport, waiting areas, public toilets


A back up system used in washroom areas






Our Approach

Service First

Signature Services is family managed business with a reputation for excellent customer service, built on years of experience in serving the needs of hospitals, nursing homes, care homes, clinics and other establishments with the need to safely dispose of clinical, sharp, pharmaceutical and hazardous waste, as well as providing a range of sanitary and washroom services.

Central location

Ideally placed to serve anywhere in the United Kingdom. We also export to Europe and the USA. We have a team of customer service staff and technical experts able to advise on all aspects concerning the management and safe disposal of clinical waste.

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Free Consultation

Our experienced staff will assess your requirements, calculate room area and air-flow before recommending the correct system for you and recommending the optimum setting for the machine.