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The widespread campaign against aerosols containing CFC’s (which cause damage to our ozone) has provided facilities managers with a problem – how to get rid of unwanted malodours within buildings and create the right ambience in public areas. 

Signature Aromas provide the solution – using 100% natural oils, our systems safely encapsulate any unwanted odours and enhance areas such as offices, shop floors, fitting rooms and lifts.

With over 30 standard aromas and the ability to develop bespoke fragrances for clients with specific requirements, Signature remain at the forefront of air treatment technology.





Fitting rooms, wash rooms, lifts, staff rooms, point of sale


Reception, washrooms and staffrooms







Our Approach

Service First

Signature Services is family managed business with a reputation for excellent customer service, built on years of experience in serving the needs of hospitals, nursing homes, care homes, clinics and other establishments with the need to safely dispose of clinical, sharp, pharmaceutical and hazardous waste, as well as providing a range of sanitary and washroom services.

Central location

Ideally placed to serve anywhere in the United Kingdom. We also export to Europe and the USA. We have a team of customer service staff and technical experts able to advise on all aspects concerning the management and safe disposal of clinical waste.

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Free Consultation

Our experienced staff will assess your requirements, calculate room area and air-flow before recommending the correct system for you and recommending the optimum setting for the machine.