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Suparoma is designed for use in larger commercial and public areas, dispensing a deodorising dry vapour with a choice of natural oil based fragrances selected to enhance the ambience of any public space.

The biodegradable 10 gm cubes are manufactured from 100% COSHH approved natural oils, designed to treat an area over a longer period than traditional units, holding up to 8 cubes in the unique twisting holder.

A built-in timer with 8 timing options optimises the dispensing time for each Suparoma unit and adjusted to deliver the required level of fragrance without wasting the natural oil cubes.

Suparoma units measure 255 (w) x 210 (h) x 130 (d), weigh approx 4 kgs and are supplied with a 12 month warranty. The units are available in standard powder coated steel in white, or brushed stainless steel finish. These units are designed for use in public areas, with built-in protection against vandalism or theft.

Recommended installations include larger public areas, corridors, large lounge areas, schools, clubs, hotels and shops, anywhere where bad odours may cause offence.


  • Ideal for larger public areas
  • Treats up to 5,000 cubic Ft
  • Mains powered for higher output
  • Wall mounted
  • Choice of over 30 fragrances
  • Internal timers
  • Anti Vandel Covers
  • Anti Liture Covers