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New Restaroma

Roamer uses essential natural oil based 150gm to 250gm cartridges to release a non-toxic dry vapour, designed to neutralise malodours quickly and efficiently. This portable unit is COSHH approved and may be used with a minimum of training to counter the effects of offensive or unpleasant smells.

The latest edition, the roamer has improved air flow to speed up cleasing of air

Ideal applications are nursing homes, hospitals, hotels especially on maids trolleys for cleaning guest room and large areas requiring immediate treatment without evacuating patients and staff. The natural oil based vapour is non-toxic and will not harm carpets, furniture and furnishings. There is no chemical fogging and no discomfort for patients or staff.

The results are apparent immediately with an average bedroom treated in just a few minutes using either the standard 150 gm or hi-output 250 gm capsules, the benefits are long lasting. Seven fragrances are offered as standard, selected according to the application.

Restaroma is a robust portable unit measuring 290 (w) x 140 (h) x 140 (d) and weighs 1.7 Kg. Each unit has a 2 year warranty as standard.


  • Portable mains powered unit
  • Ideal for quick results
  • Treats up to 20,000 cubic Ft
  • Safe to use adjacent to people
  • Long lasting results