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After extensive development and independent testing by Microsearch Laboratories (see separate test results) the Purazone air purifier system is now available to hospitals, nursing homes and clinics where MRSA, C DIFF, SARS and NORA virus may be present.

The UVC radiation destroys 99.99% of airborne bacteria and viruses with a single pass through the Purazone unit. This is particularly important when treating MRSA and C DIFF which cannot be reliably destroyed using antibiotics.

The secret to the success of the Signature Aromas Purazone system is the design of the UVC light system, developed in conjunction with Phillips Lighting to slow down the passage of air as it passes over the high velocity (120w) UVC lamps creating a maximum kill exposure time.

In addition to killing airborne bacteria and viruses, Purazone uses essential natural oils to release a non-toxic dry vapour, designed to neutralise malodours quickly and efficiently. There are over 40 natural aromas to choose from, designed to neutralise unpleasant and offensive odours and safe to use adjacent to patients and staff.

Independent Testing

Working with the Centre for Healthcare Innovation and Development (CHID) located within the Research Directorate at the Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust, the Purazone unit was evaluated in a clinical setting. The tests proved the reduction of 50% in airborne micro-organisms within a operational clinical setting.

Yvonne Hague, Research & Development Directorate Manager at Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust said: “We evaluated Purazone in a clinical setting. The results demonstrated a 50% reduction in hospital airborne micro-organisms using a portable Puarazone UV-C unit in a real life clinical setting and was also very effective in reducing bad odours.”

Independent trials also demonstrated that Purazone was very effective in reducing bad odours present in the environment by destroying the `VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that cause malodour. Only COSHH approved natural oils are used, supplied in disc format for ease of storage and handling. The discs use 60% recycled materials and are 100 biodegradable.

Safety & Service

The unique baffled system means that no harmful UVC rays escape from the Purazone unit, which is safe to use in all areas provided it is serviced annually. The unit is manufactured from tough brushed stainless steel and supplied with clear operating instructions.

Combats MRSA and C DIFF spores
Independently laboratory tested and NHS hospital results
Destroys 99.99 % of airborne viruses and bacteria
Low noise levels for sensitive areas
Air treatment with natural oilss
British designed and manufacture
Room Size Air Changes Kill Rate
Normal Speed 10’ x 10’ x 8’ 3 per hour Greater than 99.99%
Normal Speed 12’ x 10’ x 8’ 2 per hour Greater than 99.99%
Normal Speed 15’ x 10’ x 8’ 1 per hour Greater than 99.99%
Fast Speed 13’ x 10’ x 8’ 3 per hour Greater than 99.99%
Fast Speed 21’ x 12’ x 8’ 2 per hour Greater than 99.99%
Fast Speed 25’ x 15’ x 8’ 1 per hour Greater than 99.99%